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I am a Progressive...

Because I believe that the civilization which we enjoy, has been achieved by going forward rather than by "standing pat," by foresight rather than hindsight.

Because I believe that human rights are more sacred than property rights, and that both should be protected by honest laws enforced by honest men.

Because I believe that social and political justice for all is not impossible, and is worthy the consecrated effort of everyone who demands a "square deal" for themself and is willing to give it to others.

Because I believe that prosperity is based on honesty, and that the principal:"Thou shalt not steal!" applies to political delegates and public money as well as to private property.

Because I believe in the Common Good of our common country rather than in party loyalty or sectional pride, in moral principles rather than in political bosses, in the people who make the laws rather than the laws themselves.

From the circa 1912 Progressive Party postcard

With the Fourth of July upon us, we offer this essay on Patriotism and Progressive Humanism.


The most patriotic thing we can do is insist on fairness, even if our government promotes unfair policies. It is not unpatriotic to demand humanity & benevolence for all.

The most patriotic thing we can do is standup for justice, even if our government enables oppression. It is not unpatriotic to advance equality & compassion for all.

The most patriotic thing we can do is protect freedom, even if our government impinges upon us with claims of false security. It is not unpatriotic to preserve liberty & autonomy for all.

The most patriotic thing we can do is uphold truth, even if our government asserts lies and falsehoods as "alternative facts" like the fairy tale of an emperor wearing no clothes. It is not unpatriotic to expose dishonesty so that truth & integrity shines through.


Patriotism is not blindly following powers, it is standing up for all and pointing an unwavering finger at inequality, prejudice, oppression, and corruption — and denouncing those ills for what they are.

Patriotism is realizing our responsibility to defend core values of truth, fairness, justice, and freedom, always recognizing that "best for all" is the progressive goal.

Patriotism IS Progressive Humanism.

Those that turn a blind eye to the evils of the world create a world shrouded in darkness for all, and devoid of vision.

Instead, be the innocent child that points, shouts, and ridicules that "the emperor has no clothes" so that all may see the deceptions illuminated, and then demand they be eliminated.

— Andrew Somers, 2020